Batman…a Dad?

It’s not uncommon for superheroes to, at some point, have children take up the hero mantle. The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow comes to mind. Even Superman Returns gives you a glimpse of what Superman’s son can do. This Spring, DC Universe and Warner Bros. Animation will be releasing a new animated feature inspired by the 2006 Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert graphic novel Batman and Son titled Son of Batman. That’s right people, Batman is a dad. And actually since he doesn’t really have a day job, you could argue that he is actually an at-home dad.

In the graphic novel, major crime is at an all time low and Bruce Wayne decides he should take a well deserved vacation away from Gotham. While on his vacation he is greeted with a problem that only Batman can fix. Bruce suits up and battles an army of ninja man/bat hybrids. After the battle Bruce discovers that Talia al Ghul is behind the attack, but that is not all that he discovers. Talia has a surprise for Bruce. A 10 year old son named Damian. Talia tells Bruce that she has “allowed Bruce to evade his responsibilities,” so Damian could be trained by the League of Assassins. She also tells Bruce that Damian is out of control, and that he lacks the discipline that only Bruce(technically she says a good man) could teach him.

The rest of the graphic novel follows Bruce’s journey in training Damian in a way that would counteract the League of Assassins training, mainly that Batman does not kill his enemies. In my opinion the graphic novel shows the hardships in Damian’s journey, and I really hope they portray that in the upcoming animated feature.

I would recommend that people read ‘Batman and Son‘ before seeing the animated feature so you have an understanding of the Damian character. You can check your local library or comic book shop for the graphic novel and for the 4 part continuation of the Damian Wayne storyline called Damian:Son of Batman.

Here is the trailer for Son of Batman, set to release on May 6, 2014.

What are your thoughts on the Son of Batman, or any other story lines that involve the children of superheroes?


Salt Lake City Comic Con 2013

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to attend a Con somewhere in America. So when Dan Farr Productions announced that they were putting a Con together in Salt Lake City, I jumped at the chance and bought a ticket (J was free). I was so excited that J and I were going to share the experience of attending our first Con together that I completely spaced that there were going to be tens of thousands of people. Luckily since we are in Utah the Con was held on Thursday – Saturday, so there would be less people on the first two days.

Thursday was an epic day of panels, people watching, and exhibits. J and I walked through artist alley, and walked by all the tables where the celebrities would be signing autographs and taking pics. I saw a small line in front of Walter Jones’ booth, so J and I made our way over to his table for a pic and an autograph.

Power Ranger
Walter Jones, me, J

Friday was a bit busier. More awesome panels, more artists and celebrities on the exhibit floor, and more amazing cosplayers. J even did a little cosplaying in a little Doctor outfit that I put together.

The Doctor outfit
J’s Doctor outfit

We met some new friends while taking a break from walking around, some of them were decked out in amazing cosplay outfits and some were (like me) in a character tshirt. Cosplayers were taking pictures of other cosplayers, J even made it in a pic with a few other Doctor cosplayers. While on the exhibit floor J and I met some professional cosplayers. They were really nice and loved J’s outfit. After meeting some new friends I took J home and went back to the convention center to see Adam West and William Shatner talk about their careers. It was an evening I will never forget.

J and some professional cosplayers (L-R: Nicole Marie Jean, LeeAnna Vamp, and Constantine in Tokyo)

Saturday was just crazy. It was the only day of the three that had an official “SOLD OUT” stamp. I only wanted to take J in the morning (he was part of a children’s costume parade), and then I took him home. There were some panels I wanted to attend, but there was something else I had to take care of. There was a huge line for Stan Lee autographs and pictures, and I wanted to make sure that I got his autograph. So instead of going to panels, I sat in line for hours waiting to get a signature. As the line moved and I got closer to the “Generalisimo” my started beating faster (I mean come on STAN LEE!!!) and I was getting nervous that he wouldn’t like what I had for him to sign. When I handed him the poster he looked at the preteen standing in front of me and asked if he liked the Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel special. The kid gave a puzzled look and I said, “Uh, that’s mine…It’s for my two year old. And he and I loved it.” To which he smiled and said, “Great job, Dad.”

Stan Lee
Stan Lee signing my son’s Phineas and Ferb Poster

Salt Lake City’s first Comic Con was a success in my book, and hearing some of the things they have planned for this year makes me think that it will be successful for a long time.