LEGO Movie Review

Today we had a family outing to the movies to see The LEGO Movie. Let’s be honest here. Not a lot of people read this blog, but I am going to give you my thoughts about The LEGO Movie anyway.

First, WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE YET!!!!! I mean unless by chance this blog post reaches the UK, then your excuse is valid because I don’t think it opens in cinemas until February 14. The LEGO Movie has a solid cast, a funny script, and amazing animation. There is really no reason not to see this movie, I mean unless you hate LEGOs.

Second LEGO DC Heroes, and other epic LEGO cameos. What’s not to love about LEGO cameos? The only thing I was disappointed with was that there were no LEGO Marvel characters, which should’ve been expected since it’s a Warner Bros. Animation movie.

Basically this is a movie that everyone should watch (more than once) and probably purchase when it comes out. I think that this clip shows how I feel about this film.


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