The Most Nerdtastic Weekend Ever!!!


This coming weekend (May 2nd – May 4th) has to be the most, non Comic Con related, nerdtastic weekend ever. It will be filled with two comic book related events and will end with the celebration of what is probably the biggest franchise in SciFi history.

The weekend starts with the opening of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ on Friday. After seeing all the trailers, I think it’s a safe bet that the theaters will be pretty packed with Spider-Man fans all weekend. My favorite part of going comic based movies on opening weekend is seeing all the  fans who dress up as their favorite character from the comics and films. The movie looks like it’s going to be a good one, it is definitely on my must see list.

Saturday is yet another day for comic fans. This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Go to to see free titles and use the store locater to find a shop near you and take the kids out to get some free comics. I am planning on taking J to our favorite local shop.

Our nerdtastic weekend ends with the celebration of Star Wars. People all over the world will be hosting Star Wars parties, marathons, pub quizzes, and much more. Amazon has a Star Wars store up on their site offering sales on many Star Wars items. I am planning on waking up very early to start my marathon of the original trilogy. I hope that those of you who love Star Wars do something fun to celebrate your favorite franchise and May the Fourth be with you. Please nerd out responsibly. If you do not, you will suffer the… Revenge of the Fifth Speaking of the 5th, please have a safe and fun Cinco de Mayo next Monday.


Simpsons LEGO episode

First LEGO gives us the Simpsons LEGO set and now The Simpsons gives us ‘Brick Like Me’, an episode that will be animated in LEGO form. There are a lot of places where this episode may fall short, but I am hoping for an awesomely epic episode. Will you be watching next week? Check your local listings for next week’s new episode.

Introducing Pepper

Recently, we added a new family member to our small family. She is a Heeler mix and the cutest little puppy I have ever seen. We adopted her from a local rescue when she was 8 weeks old. It was hard thinking of a name for her, there were so many comic book/sci-fi characters to choose from.  After much consideration we decided to name her Pepper, after Tony Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts. Pepper Pupps is a little ball of energy, Pepper and  J have become fast friends. If you are on Instagram, you can follow Pupper Pupps’ journey through life by searching the hashtag PepperPupps. 

**If you and your family are looking into getting a dog, please consider getting one from a rescue or shelter.** 

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