Introducing Pepper

Recently, we added a new family member to our small family. She is a Heeler mix and the cutest little puppy I have ever seen. We adopted her from a local rescue when she was 8 weeks old. It was hard thinking of a name for her, there were so many comic book/sci-fi characters to choose from.  After much consideration we decided to name her Pepper, after Tony Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts. Pepper Pupps is a little ball of energy, Pepper and  J have become fast friends. If you are on Instagram, you can follow Pupper Pupps’ journey through life by searching the hashtag PepperPupps. 

**If you and your family are looking into getting a dog, please consider getting one from a rescue or shelter.** 

Pepper1 Pepper10 Pepper8 Pepper2 Pepper5
Pepper9 Pepper11 Pepper4 Pepper6 Pepper7

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