May the 4th Be With You


Since it’s “official” inception on May 4th 2011 people across the world have celebrated one of sci-fi’s greatest treasures, Star Wars. People hold Star Wars marathons in their homes, discuss why Episodes 1-3 were not as good as 4-6, share their hopes for future episodes (which have now turned into debates on whether Disney/JJ Abrams will ruin or enhance the franchise), people meet at bars for Star Wars pup quizzes, and some people read their favorite Star Wars fan fiction.

Today was the first time that we actually “celebrated” Star Wars day in our home. I love the films but I never thought that they were appropriate for J, until now…well at least A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi is still probably a little too dark and scary for J to watch, so that one will remain a “daddy movie” for now. We had such a great time today that I thought I would share everything that we did.

Our day started around 7 am with a viewing of A New Hope. J loved every minute of it. Every time R2 and C-3PO would come on screen he would jump up on the couch and say, “LOOK DADDY!!! IT’S R2D2 and C-3PO!!!” He also got really excited over the Obi Wan/Vader lightsaber fight.

Star Wars movies

After A New Hope was over, I immediately started The Empire Strikes Back. J wasn’t as excited for Empire, that is until he saw Yoda. When Yoda came on screen, I saw a big smile go across J’s face. He seemed to love everything about Yoda (technically he’s loved Yoda for a while now, but this was his first time seeing him in the movie).

When Empire finished we took a little Star Wars break. I debated whether showing J Return of the Jedi and eventually decided against it. In my personal opinion, Return of the Jedi is a little too violent and dark for J. I can’t imagine how he would have reacted when ***spoilers***Yoda dies. So instead we watched an episode of WordGirl and Martha Speaks, and then we started a Netflix Star Wars Clone Wars marathon.

During Clone Wars J and I grabbed some squirt guns and pretended that we needed to save Master Yoda from the Emperor, so we strapped his Yoda backpack on in the Star Wars fashion and “shot” our blasters at the multitude of droids attacking us. After our little game, J went down for a nap so I went shopping and did a little yard work.J with Yoda

J woke up about 2 hours later then we got him dressed and headed out to a Star Wars Day art show put together by the Utah Arts Alliance, Urban Arts Gallery, and Salt Lake Comic Con. There were some amazing Star Wars themed art pieces and some special guests from our local 501st Legion.

Art Show1 Art Show 2 Art Show 3

When we got home from the art show J wanted to play in his room, so we decided to start watching Return of the Jedi. About half way through the movie J wanted to come out and hang out with his mommy and me so I turned off the movie and we just hung out for a while. I had to take a call so I went down to my office until it was J’s bedtime.

I didn’t see any other way of ending such an awesome day other than reading J’s new Darth Vader and Son book for bedtime. I would read the little captions on the pages, and J would make up stories about what Darth Vader and little Luke Skywalker were doing.

bedtime reading

Now that J is asleep, I decided to finish Return of the Jedi and will probably watch Family Guy’s Star Wars episodes to end my amazing Star Wars Day. Today was such a blast and I am so excited to make this a little family tradition. Some things may change from year to year (adding the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars episode next year), but this will be just one more thing that I will be looking forward to for the next 364 days. May the 4th be with you always, and be prepared because the Revenge of the 5th is just around the corner.

photo 4


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