Thank You Dove Men+Care

***This post is not sponsored by Dove Men+Care. I have not received any compensation for my thoughts in this post***

I am sure that a lot of you have seen this video popping up in your social media feeds all day. The simplicity of this video is what makes it amazing. I will admit it, I cried like a teething child the 1st and 30th time I saw this video. While watching the video, memories of all the times that J has called for me came rushing into my mind. Every ouchie, every monster, every sad and happy moment and I just lost it. This video reminded me of how lucky I am. I am so lucky to have an amazing wife who makes enough money for me to be able to care for our child and also allows me to run my own business from my home. So thank you Dove, thank you for making this amazing video and flipping the script on how the media usually portrays dad.



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