Toddlers and Chores…explained by Ultimate Spider-Man

As parents we know how difficult it can be to get kids to pick up after themselves. Sometimes you tell them to pick up their toys and you get looks like

Peter Parker on couch

When you ask them to throw away their snack wrappers, they look at you like you’re from another planet


They say things like

Peter Meme

But you say

Cap Meme

You tell them they can turn their chores into a game



If that doesn’t work, you could tell them that an angry raccoon will visit them if they don’t finish their chores…


But that idea might backfire

J Rocket

Whatever you do, make sure you keep you’re cool when teaching your kids about chores. Chores can be hard for kids to grasp especially the younger ones. If you keep with it, you will have a tiny chore machine helping you around the house in no time.

J shoveling swno

It might also help if you tell them they can get back to their games once the chores are done

Video Games

(All Ultimate Spider-Man images are owned by Marvel Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Corporation)



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