Star Wars Rebels

Yesterday (Sept. 27) J and I attended a special screening of the Star Wars Rebels series premiere episode thanks to the amazing people over at Big Shiny Robot. Star Wars Rebels follows the story of Ezra, a young man fighting against the empire in his own way. He sees a group of rebels interrupt a shipment of Empire crates and in the confusion, Ezra takes one of the crates from the rebels. It’s hard for me to write anything else because I don’t want to spoil anything for everyone. I think this will be an amazing series that the whole Star Wars loving family will enjoy. If you have Disney xD on your cable or satellite subscription, you might be able to watch the episode on the Watch Disney xD app. If you can’t watch it on the app, Star Wars Rebels premieres October 13th (check your local listings for premiere time). You can also celebrate the premiere by adding Star Wars Rebels stickers to your photos with the Disney Photo Finish app.

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