Cosplay Monday 02-16-15

(note: for some reason this didn’t post when it was scheduled)

Today is Cosplay Monday, a day where I share some ideas for some parent/kid cosplays. For this first Cosplay Monday, I want to share my plans for future cosplays that J and I will be wearing probably in 2016.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

This is a pretty straight forward idea and is probably one of the easiest/least expensive cosplays you will build, especially if you shop at a second-hand store. Definitely something beginner cosplayers could do.

What you will need:
Bruce Banner-
T-Shirt or Button Up Shirt
Glasses (optional)

No Shirt or Shredded Button Up Shirt (same color as Bruce Banner)
Shredded Khakis
Muscle Suit (if you are like me and are without muscles)
Green Body Paint (Grey is also an option)

Be prepared because people might want you to recreate this pose



Also you could easily make some upgrades and do a General Ross/Red Hulk cosplay.



Remember your cosplay is for you, and it’s meant to be fun.

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