YouTube Kids App

J probably gave the shortest app review in history.

As you can see, he loves the app. I love this app as well. Not only does it have amazing content, but there are no ads, and amazing parental controls that let you put a time limit on the app. The app is very kid user friendly and organized in a way that a three year old could navigate through the app.

The “Shows” tab is filled with your kid’s favorite shows from Sesame Street to Thomas the Tank Engine and even some shows that your kid may not have heard of like Pocoyo.



The “Music” tab is filled with tons of music channels that will keep your kids entertained and active.



Lead your kids to the “Learn” tab to show them some amazing educationally entertaining content.



The “Explore” tab gives your kids a look at to some amazing artistic and fun channels.



If you love exploring YouTube with your kids, this is definitely an app I would recommend downloading.


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