I can’t tell you how excited I was the first time that I saw the teaser for Pixels. Then the official trailer came out and we saw that it was going to be an Adam Sandler/Kevin James movie. I thought that there might be a few scenes that would be “pushing the boundaries” so it could get that PG-13 rating, when this really could have been a fun movie even with the PG rating.

There were scenes that felt like they were uncomfortable to shoot, which made them uncomfortable to watch. Specifically a scene between Kevin James and Jane Krakowski that takes place in a bakery. I didn’t buy their relationship, and it looked like neither of them wanted to even shoot the scene. There were also problematic scenes where female characters as trophies, and seeing those scenes made me shudder in my seat. That being said, there are some reasons that I think you should take the kids to see the movie.

All of the scenes with the video game characters were amazing. From Galaga to Donkey Kong, those 8-bit looking killing machines looked amazing and those scenes kept J on the edge of his seat. Q*Bert was amazing and was also J’s favorite character…until the end. The opening and closing credits both were really fun to watch as well. 

If I had a grading scale for movie reviews, I would give this one a C. The concept was good, but the delivery could have been better. As J put it, “I liked the movie, but not the whole movie.”  This is not a movie that I would rush to the theaters on opening night for, but it is one that I would say to watch during a matinee or if your local theater does a $5 Tuesday. If you do decide to watch this movie, watch it in 3D. 

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