Our Broncos Country Playoff Weekend

*This post is sponsored by Dove Men+Care.*

The past two months have been amazing for me. Last month J and I got to take my dad, who introduced me to Star Wars, to see The Force Awakens. Bringing what he started all those years ago to a full circle, and this last weekend Dove Men+Care flew J and I out to Denver to watch our very first NFL game as part of their newest #RealStrength campaign. Dove Men+Care also gave me a third ticket so I could have the opportunity to surprise my dad for his birthday. We had such an amazing weekend, that I wanted to put some of our highlights in a post.

Highlight #1 – The Announcement

J and I have been watching the Broncos together since he was a newborn. J has been loving football Sunday this year, and he was so excited when I told him that we were going to our first Broncos game that he put his Rocket Raccoon costume on and put his Payton Manning jersey on top of it.


Highlight #2 – At the Hotel

While we were at the hotel, we decided to watch the amazing ending to the Cardinals/Packers game. After the game, Dove Men+Care released an amazing video about their #RealStrength campaign and I was able to share it with my dad (who has taught me so much about what it means to have #RealStrength) and J.

We also were really excited that hotel was about 1/2 mile from the stadium and we could see it from the hotel.


Highlight #3 – Game Day

We got to the stadium a couple of hours early so we could find our seats, eat some lunch and watch some of the athletes do their warm-up exercises. The game was intense, and the crowd did an amazing job of keeping J into it. We were so happy that our first game ended with a Bronco victory.

Highlight #4 – The Day After

We stopped by a Sports Authority before going the airport to buy something for my grandma because she is probably the biggest Broncos fan that we know. J was still so excited for the weekend that we had, that it was all he could talk about while we were going through security, and while we were waiting for our plane.

I really can’t thank Dove Men+Care enough for such an amazing weekend. We had such a good time, and if you are unfamiliar with their #RealStrength campaign you should check out this paragraph straight from Dove Men+Care:

Dove Men+Care is challenging the idea that an athlete’s strongest highlights only happen on-the-field – in fact, we found that nearly half of men in the U.S. feel modern masculinity is depicted inaccurately in TV advertising and sports, in part because it is typically the feats of strength on-the-field that are featured in everything from post-game reports to highlight reels.  That’s why Dove Men+Care is hijacking the traditional football highlight reel and releasing a fresh take on one of sports’ most iconic video properties, to show that care – not muscle – makes a man stronger.”


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