Star Wars Rebels: The Call

***There will be spoilers***

The Call is both visually stunning and filled with action, just what we love from our Rebels episodes. The Rebels are on a mission to find a shipment of clouzon-36 that the Mining Guild has been refining for the Empire. With their own fuel supply running low, the Rebels must limit fuel consumption until they find what they are looking for.

The Ghost is almost running on fumes, Hera is forced to take power from the ship’s heating system to keep the Ghost flying, and the crew is freezing and complaining. Ezra hears something of a distress call, and then all of the sudden the Ghost is being overrun by a swarm of purrgil (space whales). If the purrgil were not enough, two modified Tie-Fighters swoop in and start shooting at the purrgil and the Rebels.

After the battle is done, Ezra gets an impression that the Ghost should follow the purrgil and that impression is verified by Sabine’s calculations of where the Tie-Fighters came from. The purgill lead the Rebels to the Mining Guild’s refinery and the Empire’s shipment.

We enjoyed The Call, and it left us with that “you can’t alway judge a book by it’s cover” vibe. If you are a fan of space whales traveling through hyperspace, you will be a fan of this episode. Let us know what you think, and May the Force be With You.

Catch new episodes of Star Wars Rebels every Wednesday night at 9/8c


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