Recently, events happened that have changed the way I go about my day to day and have affected how I do the things I do as Nerdy at Home Dad. I’m not going to go through specifics because it is not really anyone’s business but my own. These events have forced me out of what I have grown comfortable in as Nerdy at Home Dad (being involved in the everyday aspects of J’s life and being able to make costumes on a whim). I have had to leave that comfort behind and do something I thought I wouldn’t have to do for a while, get a job.

After said event, I immediately started applying for jobs because I needed to be able to know that I could find a way to support my pack the best way that I could. I applied for over 150 jobs in the span of two weeks. Most of them I knew were out of my league, a lot of social media manager jobs, marketing jobs, PR jobs, and yes even some audio engineering jobs at some gaming companies. As I thought, I was not “qualified enough” to get those jobs. After that I was asked if I was “too good” to work in the world of fast food, again. My answer to that was, yes. I am too good to work in fast food. I did my time in fast food and while I will always appreciate the work ethic I gained from those jobs, I don’t need to go back and work 80 hours as a fry cook.

I thought about picking up my old job in the electronics department at Target, but when I talked to my old boss, they said they were not sure if they’d be able to accommodate my availability with volunteering at J’s school and needing to be off at a certain time to be able to pick him up from after care at his school. Because of that conversation I decided to not try to get my old job back.

While I was unemployed, I started driving for Lyft. Picking up strangers (mostly drunk) on the weekends seemed like a great way to make some extra scratch while waiting for someone to hire me. Eventually, I stopped driving for Lyft because it costs a lot of money to keep a car clean when you have a 7-year old child. I told myself that I would go back to driving once I had enough money to get my car detailed, which would theoretically be after I got a job and received my first paycheck.

Fast Forward another week, I get a call from a potential employer asking me to come in for an interview. It’s a retail sales job, but not anything like I have done before in my years “on the job” for Target. This place is a high-end clothing store with merchandise so expensive that I would have to max out my credit cards (2) to get one item. As I walked in for my interview, I saw the pricey merch and thought that there was no way they would hire me. Not only had I never really worked in a clothing store before, but I also had a 6-year gap in my employment history.

The interview went better than I thought, and I was offered a job the next day. I hesitated to accept the job because I knew this meant big changes were on the horizon and I didn’t want to face those changes. In the end, I’m glad I accepted the job.

While I am sad that I can’t just drop everything and start making costumes for J any time I want, I am still planning on making costumes, I’m planning on writing even more posts, and maybe J and I will collaborate on children’s book. I am just going to have to get better at something I’ve never been good at, TIME MANAGEMENT!!!

Anyway, sorry for the length of this post. It’s just been awhile, and I didn’t want anybody to think we are going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I think you are going to get sick and tired of how much we are going to be around now! Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support you’ve shown us over the years.


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