Utah Geek Bloggers (Unofficial) SLCC 2015 Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you live in Salt Lake City, you know how amazing the transformation of downtown is during Salt Lake Comic Con is. Tens of thousands of geeks/nerds fill the Salt Palace, a majority of them dressed as their favorite characters from comics, TV, film, and books. There are so many geek related events that happen around downtown and evne at the con itself. This year a few of us geeky Utah bloggers have decided to create our own event. We have come together to put on our very own photo scavenger hunt. If you wish to join our fun little game and want to try and win some amazing prizes, all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Download our Salt Lake Comic Con Photo Scavenger Hunt List now!

You Could Win:

Kat Martin from Altered Landscapes is giving EVERYONE a small print of one of her cool pieces of art. She is the one who puts geeky things like AT-ATs into otherwise mundane landscape art pics.

-Funko Pops (lots o’ Pops!) from your blogging hosts, JCDraw and Toria Costuming, Design and Cosplay
-Comic books from:

-VIP Passes to Fear Factory

-Dragon scale dice bag from Crystal’s Idyll
-Jewelry from Badali Jewelry and A Charmed Life SLC
-Animation Cel from Animation Ink

-Radiation Symbol Pint Glasses from Fanboy Glass

-Prints from Christine Jepson Fine Art and False Positive
-Cosmetic contact lenses from ExoticLenses.com
-Body painting session and temporary tattoos from ConTemporary Body Art

….with more to be announced!

Photo Scavenger Hunt Rules

1. Choose Where You Will Be Posting: You can either post your entries on Twitter or Instagram. Please keep it to one network to make it easier to calculate the winners.

2. Follow All 4 Bloggers on Your Chosen Network.

-Twitter: @2dorksinlove @nerdyathomedad @2marriedgeeks @wifeeclectic

-Instagram: @wifeeclectic @2marriedgeeks @nerdyathomedad @2dorksinlove

3. Follow Wheaton’s Rule: It’s always considered polite to ask a cosplayer if you can take their photo. Good idea for celebrities too! Be respectful at the booths also and follow Salt Lake Comic Con’s rules.

4. Label Your Photos: Use the hashtag #slcchunt15 on each picture. Make sure we can tell what it is in the picture (i.e. centered, in focus, etc) It also helps if you label it somehow so we can assign points properly. For vendors, try to get their sign in the picture too.

5. Submit by the Deadline: You have until 11:59 PM MST on September 26th to post any qualifying pictures.

Top winner will get to choose a prize first and we will move down the line. In the event of a tie, we will randomly choose who goes first.


Disclaimer: Salt Lake Comic Con and its subsidiaries are not affiliated with this hunt and will not be responsible for prize fulfillment.


Kids and Gaming

The debate about kids and video games has been going on for decades now. Thanks to Mortal Kombat we now have a rating system that tries to prevent younger gamers from playing the more violent/adult content heavy games, and we now have people advocating for minimal screen time for kids. I want to go on the record as saying that ratings and moderation are not a bad thing, but also I want to say that every kid is different and that you the parent should decide what is best for their kids.

Back in June of 2014 Medical Daily did a write up of a study done by researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore that studied if certain mobile games could improve memory and problem solving skills. The study showed that, “while some games may help improve mental abilities, not all games give you the smae effect.” It showed that after people played “Cut the Rope” for 20 hours, they were able to “concentrate 60 percent better, and switch between tasks 33 percent faster, and adapt to new situations better.”

In October of 2014 the University of Toronto set out to find if playing video games would improve sensorimotor skills. The performed a series of tests between regular gamers and non gamers. Graduate student Davood Gozli said the purpose of the tests was to, “…understand if chronic video game playing has an effect on sensorimotor control, that is, the coordinated function of vision and hand movement.” The tests showed that while gamers did not show improved sensorimotor skills, it did show that gamers were able to recognize the patterns of the tests faster than the non gamers.

Gaming also leads the way for kids to be interested in the tech world. One day after playing some games on his Nintendo 2DS, J came up and asked my wife and I how video games were made. My wife pulled up a video on how motherboards are made, and J thought it was amazing. I thought we could even go deeper and check out code.org to intro him into the world of coding. Talk about an amazing resource, if you click here you will be taken to a game that has Anna and Elsa from Frozen teaching your kids how to code. Click here and your kids will learn how to code their own little game with Disney Infinity characters.

Technology is the business of the future, and our kids need to be tech literate if they are going to be successful. Yes moderation is necessary, but we the parents need to decide how much is too much for our own kids. We also need to realize that playing games with our kids can be a great bonding moment. Maybe not while getting yelled at by random 12 year olds on Call of Duty, but maybe by taking down some Frost Giants together in Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes. It doesn’t even have to be video games. If you are a board game person, find a game that you and your kids will enjoy together. If your kids like RPGs, maybe you should look into something like Dungeons and Dragons and get their imagination going. It doesn’t matter what kind of games you play with your kids, just take some time and play.

***Salt Lake Gaming Con is just around the corner.  I have 6 tickets to Salt Lake Gaming Con that I will be giving away on Monday August 3rd at 6:00pm, so make sure you stop by my Facebook page, because***

What games did you like to play as a kid that you would pass on to future generations?

***Giveaway #2!!!!! Salt Lake Comic Con Thursday Pass***


Thank you everyone who entered my very first giveaway this last week. Today we start the entry process for giveaway number 2. Click here to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway or check out the “Giveaway” tab on my facebook page (facebook.com/nerdyathomedad). You can add entries every 24 hours, so make sure you are checking back daily for more chances to win.

This week’s blog post will be about movies!!! Out of Marvel and DC, who has the better movies? Which is your favorite?



Comic Con logo

Today I am pleased to announced that I have been working with the great team over at Salt Lake Comic Con to put together something pretty amazing, one of which is this giveaway. I will be giving away a Salt Lake Comic Con Thursday Pass every Wednesday through the month of August. Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 is taking place September 4-6 at the Salt Palace in Downtown Salt Lake City. There have been so many amazing celebrity guests announced (Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Manu Bennett, Eliza Dushku, David Morrissey, Jason David Frank, Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd, etc.), and there are more on the way.  There will be comic book creatorsauthors, and much more ! You won’t want to miss out on this amazing event. 

Congrats Cheryl C. on winning the first giveaway!!!
Be on the look out for Giveaway 2 coming starting later today!!!

Who would you like to see at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014?