5 Tips for Bringing Your Kids to Salt Lake Comic Con

Bringing kids to a comic book convention can be either a big pain, or with some extra planning, it can be one of the most glorious experiences of yours and your child’s life.

1) Snacks:
Most venues do not allow outside food or drinks, but that rule usually doesn’t apply for the small snacks. Packing small packages of fruit snacks, or graham crackers in a diaper bag, purse, or cargo shorts is a great way to keep off the kids’ hunger pains while you are waiting in line for a panel/photo op/autograph. Also make sure you have a water bottle so that your kids can stay hydrated throughout the convention.

2) Entertainment:
Load up a smart device with musics, videos, books, or apps that your kids love. Especially if you are wanting to get in line to meet your favorite celebrity or to get into a popular panel. Not only will having some entertainment keep your kids happy, but it will also make you happy. Just make sure to bring a portable charger so you can charge your phone. If you are worried about screen time, bring a few picture books for the younger kids, and some comics or other reading materials for the older ones.

3) Cosplay:
One of the funnest things about going to the Con is seeing all the fun kid cosplays. Don’t worry about being 100% accurate or about store bought vs homemade. Kid cosplay is all about having fun and making the kids feel like they are amazing little super heroes. It’s also a lot of fun to try to get pictures with cosplayers wearing similar outfits.

4) Dress up the Transportation:
If you take strollers to the con, why not dress up the strollers to match the little cosplayers. Are you taking a tiny Doctor with you? Grab some cardboard, and some paint and turn that stroller into a little TARDIS!!

5) Kid Con
A family trip to Salt Lake Comic Con would not be complete without stopping at Kid Con. In the past, Kid Con has been one of our favorite stops at Salt Lake Comic Con. There have been amazing booths and activities that kids of all ages loves. This year Galaxy Training Academy, Space Crafts, Princess Tea Parties, Creature Encounters, and Youngling Saber Training are just some of the amazing things lined up for SLCC 15‘s Kid Con. Don’t forget to look for the life-size Speeder Bike at the R2 Builders’ Booth (#3479).

**Please remember that Kid Con is not a daycare center. Parents must remain with their kids while their kids are in the Kid Con area.**

*** Extra Tip*** One of the best things you can do is to locate the bathrooms on the exhibit floor, and the foyer. You can find a map of the Salt Palace by downloading the Salt Lake Comic Con app on your iOS or Android device, and scrolling to the bottom of the menu.

Have a fun and safe time at Salt Lake Comic Con, and please remember that COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT.