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May the Fourth Be With You: A Guide to Celebrating Star Wars Day

Star Wars is an integral part of geek/nerd culture. We all have our reasons why Star Wars is important to us and why we want to share it with our children. For me, Star Wars showed made me believe in the impossible. It showed me that our imaginations have limitless potential to create brand new worlds. I want my son to see what I see in Star Wars. I want him to use his imagination to its fullest potential.

As you can see, Star Wars holds great meaning to me. It is something that my father shared with me, and it is something that I can share with my son. Monday is May 4th which means that cities across the world will be celebrating the Star Wars Universe. You may be thinking to yourself, “How can I celebrate Star Wars Day?” And the answer is, there is no correct answer. You can celebrate it however you want. It could be something big like cosplaying as your favorite Star War character, or something small, like wearing your favorite pair of Star Wars socks. If you are unsure how you can celebrate May the Fourth, here are a few things big and small that you can do to celebrate Star Wars day on your own, or with your friends and family.

Start your morning off with your favorite Star Wars song:

Whether it’s the Main Theme or the Imperial March, playing your favorite Star Wars tune will get you ready for a great Star Wars themed day.

Wear some Star Wars clothing:

It could be anything from a pair of socks to an amazing t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to show your geek side, millions of people will be with you in spirit.

Find Star Wars events in your area:

Maybe there is a movie marathon going on at your local theater, maybe there’s a 5k walk/run going on at the park, or maybe a local gallery is featuring Star Wars art work from local artists. Just search and find some events and meet up with more Star Wars fans.


Put together a quick Jedi outfit with some robes and a lightsaber, use two milk jugs to make a storm trooper mask, wear a cape and bring out your inner Lando or Vader. Don’t worry if people say “your body type doesn’t fit the character,” or “that is a cheap looking costume.” Forget those people. Cosplay is all about fun, if you think you’re going to have fun making and wearing the costume, then do it.

Marathon the movies at home:

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like big crowds, just marathon the movies in the comfort of your own home. Invite a few friends over, order some pizza, make some popcorn, sit in your favorite Star Wars pajamas, grab some drinks and prepare yourself for awesomeness.

Catch up on the Star Wars animated shows:

Have you watched all of Clone Wars (it is really good, you should watch it), are you caught up on Rebels (it is really good, you should be watching it)? No? Then you may want to get yourself ready for an even longer marathon. It’s worth it, I promise. You could also check out Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars, we loved every second of it.

Read your favorite Star Wars books:

There are so many Star Wars books out there, you can read the extended universe (no longer canon), the old comicbooks, the new comicbooks (which you really should be reading, they are amazing), or you can read some of Jeffery Brown’s Star Wars books with your kids.

Whatever you do this May 4th, just remember to have fun celebrating something that means so much to you. I hope you have a good Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be With You.

Little Luke Skywalker

What are your Star Wars day plans? Share them in the comments.


Avengers: Age of Ultron review

I have so many thoughts about Age of Ultron, so I will try to give them in the least spoliery way:

The movie itself is not as dark as I thought it would be. Yes people die, but not in uber graphic slamming car doors on heads (Netflix Daredevil reference) way.

Ultron is a pretty bad dude, James Spader does an amazing job showing that, but he is not as physically terrifying as the Chitauri from the first Avengers movie. Ultron is more terrifying on a mental level and leaves you thinking about the future of humanity.Your kids might not have nightmares about Ultron.

Black Widow and Scarlett Witch are amazing!! ScarJo and Elizabeth Olsen prove that women heroes are just as strong as the guys and that they can hold their own against Ultron and his robotic minions. I left the theater wanting to see either solo movies for both characters, or a Black Widow/Scarlett Witch team up movie.

The Vision was not what I expected, and I loved it!! Some people might not like this portrayal of The Vision, but I am not one of those. The Vision fits perfectly in the MCU and I was sad that we didn’t get more.

The movies touches on the idea of men playing God and the consequences of those actions. The undertones might be a little too advanced for the little ones, but if they love the action of Marvel movies, they will love Age of Ultron. My recommendation is too watch the movie with your partner first, and then decide for yourself if it would be good for your child. I personally loved the movie and think that you will not be disappointed if you are a fan of the MCU.                                     .

daredevil v the avengers

Little Daredevil vs The Avengers at the Age of Ultron premiere



Affordable Kid Cosplay

When I bought our first tickets to Salt Lake Comic Con, I immediately wanted to make J a cosplay for the weekend. I started looking through forums and I started getting nervous seeing how much money people spent on their cosplays and how much sewing, soldering, glueing, designing, etc went into each cosplay. I remember thinking that I would never be able to make cosplays because I didn’t have the technical or artistic skills to do it. If you want to make your kids cosplay but are afraid of costs or worried about you skill set, here are some tips to help you make affordable kid cosplays.

1. Start with simple outfits.:

Don’t make “functional Iron Man” your kid’s first cosplay. Maybe something like a Star Trek character, A blue, yellow, or red shirt (maybe not the red one), a patch ($8 from 8bit Spock on Etsy), some heat ‘n bond, black pants, black shoes and you are done.

2. Pop some tags:

Instead of going to the fabric store and spending $50-$100 on fabric, become a “frequent shopper” at your local thrift shop. All J’s cosplays have components that came from our local shops. if you go this route, you have to get a little creative from time to time.

3. Practice makes…okay:

If you have never sewed anything in your life, start. Rip up some old shirts and try to sew them back together. Do it over and over again until you feel like you are ready to sew a cosplay together.

4. Don’t be afraid to use Heat ‘n Bond or fabric glue:

If you fee like you’re sewing skills aren’t improving, don’t be afraid to use fabric adhesives to stick your fabrics together. It cuts your build time down, and even holds your fabric together if you want to sew it later.

5. Don’t build clunky cosplays:

If you are building a clunky cosplay, you will slowly make the transition from parent to prop holder. Keep it light and keep it small.

6. Don’t compare your builds to other cosplayers:

Whether it’s your 1st or your 30th build, your cosplay will be unique. Your build style will be different from every other cosplayer who may be cosplaying as the same character. Love your build for what it is…AMAZING!!!

7. Wait for Halloween costumes to go on clearance:

If you are feeling like nothing is working with your builds, don’t be afraid of store bought costumes. Sure there are some contests you won’t be able to enter, but kid cosplay is all about your kids just having fun.

The thing to remember is that no matter what you do, your kids will love it (well depending on their age). Have fun and start making some cosplays!!!

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids App

J probably gave the shortest app review in history.

As you can see, he loves the app. I love this app as well. Not only does it have amazing content, but there are no ads, and amazing parental controls that let you put a time limit on the app. The app is very kid user friendly and organized in a way that a three year old could navigate through the app.

The “Shows” tab is filled with your kid’s favorite shows from Sesame Street to Thomas the Tank Engine and even some shows that your kid may not have heard of like Pocoyo.



The “Music” tab is filled with tons of music channels that will keep your kids entertained and active.



Lead your kids to the “Learn” tab to show them some amazing educationally entertaining content.



The “Explore” tab gives your kids a look at to some amazing artistic and fun channels.



If you love exploring YouTube with your kids, this is definitely an app I would recommend downloading.

new comic book day

Comicbook Wednesday 02-25-15

All New Captain America: Fear Him #4



Everything must come to an end. The final issue of Fear Him comes out today and I am excited to see how this short series will end.

S.H.I.E.L.D #3



If you love the TV show, you will enjoy this series. Follow the Coulson’s team as they interact with characters in the Marvel comicbook universe.

Darth Vader #2



These new Marvel Star Wars comics are AMAZING!!! If you loved the franchise, you will love these comic series. See what happened to Darth Vader in between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back.

Spider-Gwen #1



In an alternate universe, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider. Follow along with this new story and see what awaits Spider-Gwen!!!

new comic book day

Comicbook Wednesday 02-18-15

It’s that time again! Here’s what J and I will be reading this week. Looks like it’s Marvel week for us.

All New Captain America #4



I am loving this New Cap storyline. Think of this as Marvel’s Batman Beyond. An older Steve Rodgers is helping Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America from behind the scenes. It’s a little much for J, but I could see this being a favorite of older kids I would say 10 would probably be the youngest.

All New Captain America: Fear Him #3



Cap found where Nomad was being held. With the help of some kids, Nomad escaped Scarecrow’s clutches. Now Cap and Nomad are stuck on a Subway train car with a tunnel filled with teens gassed by Scarecrow. How will Cap and Nomad escape and still save these kids?

Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #1



Want to get a sneak peek at what is coming to Disney XD later this year? Then make sure you check out this four part GotG mini-series. We are getting our copy today!

Legendary Star Lord #9



Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde are now together with plans of stealing the Black Vortex from Mr Knife aka Peter’s Father. Will they succeed even if though they were followed by one of Knife’s Slaughter Squad members?

Ms Marvel #12



Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) has taken down the Inventor and his creator is behind bars. A year’s worth of missing persons cases solved in one night. What’s next for this Ms Marvel? With some parental editing, this series is a great one for kids, especially young girls.

Rocket Raccoon #8



Groot is on the brink of death. Rocket and Jink are on their way to find an antidote to the venom that is killing Groot. To save Groot they are going to have to battle a giant monster without the aid of Rocket’s massive gun. Will they get the antidote and make it back before Groot succumbs to the venom?


Cosplay Monday 02-16-15

(note: for some reason this didn’t post when it was scheduled)

Today is Cosplay Monday, a day where I share some ideas for some parent/kid cosplays. For this first Cosplay Monday, I want to share my plans for future cosplays that J and I will be wearing probably in 2016.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

This is a pretty straight forward idea and is probably one of the easiest/least expensive cosplays you will build, especially if you shop at a second-hand store. Definitely something beginner cosplayers could do.

What you will need:
Bruce Banner-
T-Shirt or Button Up Shirt
Glasses (optional)

No Shirt or Shredded Button Up Shirt (same color as Bruce Banner)
Shredded Khakis
Muscle Suit (if you are like me and are without muscles)
Green Body Paint (Grey is also an option)

Be prepared because people might want you to recreate this pose



Also you could easily make some upgrades and do a General Ross/Red Hulk cosplay.



Remember your cosplay is for you, and it’s meant to be fun.