The Peanuts Movie Review

J channels his inner Snoopy

J channels his inner Snoopy

If you are looking for a movie that will tap into your nostalgia this weekend, then this is the movie for you. Blue Sky’s The Peanuts Movie, in my opinion, does everything right telling the story of “Down on His Luck” Chuck (Charlie Brown), his ever faithful dog Snoopy, Woodstock, and the rest of the gang. Even though the movie is computer animated, the animators did a fantastic job of keeping the hand drawn feel that the characters had in their comics, cartoons, and holiday specials.

While the movie focuses mainly on Charlie Brown, we get to see Snoopy and Woodstock go on an adventure as they try to take down the evil Red Baron. We get to see Charlie Brown go on a roller coaster of emotion as he develops a crush on the new girl in the neighborhood. We also get to see Charlie Brown take on a role we never really get to see in the cartoons or comic strips (as far as I can remember) when his little sister (Sally) needs him the most, that of a hero.

I better cut this short before I give any other parts of the story away. This is a perfect movie to take your kids to this weekend. It has everything parents want in a children’s movie, and it also has something for those of us who grew up reading the comic strips and watching the cartoons. Don’t worry if you or your children have never seen or heard of Charlie Brown or Snoopy, this movie will have something for you as well. It is funny, well animated, and the kids who voiced the characters were amazing. Do yourselves a favor this weekend and take your kids to see The Peanuts Movie this weekend.

Also make sure you check out The Peanuts Movie website for some fun activities. Peanutize yourself, download posters, use the Wah Wah Machine, and more. The Peanuts Movie is rated G and has a run time of 1 hour 43 minutes. Make sure you stay a little after for some after scenes.

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What was your favorite Peanuts moment? Did you have a favorite comic strip, or were you only a fan of the holiday specials? What are you looking forward to in The Peanuts Movie? Let’s discuss in the comments.