Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 Day 1 Wrap up

Yesterday was the start of the 3rd Annual Salt Lake Comic Con. Or very first press conference started off with a bang. As service men and women lined the stage next to local cosplayers, SLCC’s MC (Chris Provost) brought out the voice of the Animaniacs (Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, and Jess Harnell) to kick things off with a hearty “Hello Salt Lake City”. They then turned the time over to the founders of SLCC, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg for guest introductions and to talk about the numbers for this year’s convention.

Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, and Rob Paulsen

Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, and Rob Paulsen

According to the Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes, SLCC ’15 is in line to break the records that SLCC has set in the past. According to Reyes, SLCC has the largest number of attendees per capita, and it brings in a large amount of revenue to the surrounding businesses. Reyes also said that in conversations with Bryan Brandenburg, that Brandenburg wants SLCC to bring “the hero out” of it’s attendees.

After Reyes’ remarks, Brandenburg and Farr talked a little about the new technologies of SLCC ’15. They mentioned that with the help of the partnership between SLCC and GrowTix that wait times to get in the exhibit floor went for hours to minutes. Brandenburg gave a little more insight into the ZipQ technology that lets VIPs tap their wristbands to stand in a virtual line for panels that they really want to get into.

Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg

Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg

When Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg were finished with their remarks, the floor was opened up for the press to talk with the guests that were at the press conference. While we wanted t talk to every single guest, I wanted to keep it short and sweet. The first guests we talked with were Rob Paulson, Tress MacNeille, and Jess Harnell (The Animaniacs). We asked what their favorite songs were, and if they thought that the Animaniacs could still be considered as a teaching tool for kids of this and future generations. They all agreed that the songs could be a great teaching tool for kids with songs that teach kids the states and capitols, the countries of the world, and the Presidents of the United States, just to name a few. They talked about how the show received a Peabody Award (1994) for their songs, and joked about what they wanted to do with said award.

Next we talked with a couple of our favorite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Austin St. John, Karan Ashley). J asked Austin about his favorite episode, and then Austin and J started talking about the episode with Pudgy Pig (season 1 episode 6). I asked Austin how young he was when he started training and if he had any advice for when parents should start their kids in martial arts. He said that their are two ways you can teach your kids, you can either force them into it or you can help them grow a love of it. He said that his upbringing was the former and that his dad. He recommends that parents start their kids young, but instead of going to a traditional dojo, that parents should do hand-eye coordination exercises with their kids until they have the attention span required for traditional training. I’m hoping I get another shot at asking Karan Ashley some more questions as I didn’t want to take up a lot of time at the interview table.

I introduced J to his favorite voice actor Dee Bradley Baker (Perry the Platypus, Captain Rex). They talked about Phineas and Ferb, and Baker told J that he only had to make the Perry noise once and then the show would just re use that as needed. After a few minutes of talking, Baker gave J a little card with Perry and an autograph.

Before leaving the press conference area, I wanted to see if we could talk with Manu Bennett (Arrow, Spartacus, The Hobbit) for a quick second. I just wanted to let him know how much I love his work. J said he was too shy to talk, but being the amazing guy that he is, Manu was able to get J to talk with him and get a picture with him as well.

J and Manu Bennett

J and Manu Bennett

It was hard to not notice that the number of Thursday attendees seems to have doubled if not tripled since FanX. The floor was harder to navigate, but it was still amazing. There are so many things to see this weekend, and if you don’t have a ticket yet, get one. You don’t want to miss what is going on at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015.  I hope to have more for you on Day 2’s wrap up.

Waiting to start SLCC15

Waiting to start SLCC15



Utah Geek Bloggers (Unofficial) SLCC 2015 Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you live in Salt Lake City, you know how amazing the transformation of downtown is during Salt Lake Comic Con is. Tens of thousands of geeks/nerds fill the Salt Palace, a majority of them dressed as their favorite characters from comics, TV, film, and books. There are so many geek related events that happen around downtown and evne at the con itself. This year a few of us geeky Utah bloggers have decided to create our own event. We have come together to put on our very own photo scavenger hunt. If you wish to join our fun little game and want to try and win some amazing prizes, all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Download our Salt Lake Comic Con Photo Scavenger Hunt List now!

You Could Win:

Kat Martin from Altered Landscapes is giving EVERYONE a small print of one of her cool pieces of art. She is the one who puts geeky things like AT-ATs into otherwise mundane landscape art pics.

-Funko Pops (lots o’ Pops!) from your blogging hosts, JCDraw and Toria Costuming, Design and Cosplay
-Comic books from:

-VIP Passes to Fear Factory

-Dragon scale dice bag from Crystal’s Idyll
-Jewelry from Badali Jewelry and A Charmed Life SLC
-Animation Cel from Animation Ink

-Radiation Symbol Pint Glasses from Fanboy Glass

-Prints from Christine Jepson Fine Art and False Positive
-Cosmetic contact lenses from
-Body painting session and temporary tattoos from ConTemporary Body Art

….with more to be announced!

Photo Scavenger Hunt Rules

1. Choose Where You Will Be Posting: You can either post your entries on Twitter or Instagram. Please keep it to one network to make it easier to calculate the winners.

2. Follow All 4 Bloggers on Your Chosen Network.

-Twitter: @2dorksinlove @nerdyathomedad @2marriedgeeks @wifeeclectic

-Instagram: @wifeeclectic @2marriedgeeks @nerdyathomedad @2dorksinlove

3. Follow Wheaton’s Rule: It’s always considered polite to ask a cosplayer if you can take their photo. Good idea for celebrities too! Be respectful at the booths also and follow Salt Lake Comic Con’s rules.

4. Label Your Photos: Use the hashtag #slcchunt15 on each picture. Make sure we can tell what it is in the picture (i.e. centered, in focus, etc) It also helps if you label it somehow so we can assign points properly. For vendors, try to get their sign in the picture too.

5. Submit by the Deadline: You have until 11:59 PM MST on September 26th to post any qualifying pictures.

Top winner will get to choose a prize first and we will move down the line. In the event of a tie, we will randomly choose who goes first.


Disclaimer: Salt Lake Comic Con and its subsidiaries are not affiliated with this hunt and will not be responsible for prize fulfillment.

Introducing your Kids to the MCU

The MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe is thought, by many, to be one of the most well put together cinematic universes in existence. The films seem to inspire many while they also bring a sense of nostalgia to those who have read the comic books, or watched the cartoons from the 60s to the 90s. As one of those who has read the comic books and watched the cartoons, I remember thinking about how I was going to introduce my son to the MCU. Before continuing, please remember that every child is different and that just because they are not interested or are scared of certain things in the Marvel Universe, that you can always try again later. Now, on with the show.

1) Educate Your Kids

©DK Publishing

©DK Publishing

The first thing that you may want to consider is to introduce the characters via the Marvel Encyclopedia. The Marvel Encyclopedia is filled with almost every character ever created by the fine folks at Marvel Comics. Yes the origins are a tad different than those of the MCU, but that is not important now. Right now, you are gauging the interest that your child has in the characters. If you don’t have access to a copy of the Marvel Encyclopedia, log on to and explore their entire database of characters.

2) Watch Some Cartoons

©Disney XD

©Disney XD

If your kids are showing interest in the characters you have showed them in the Marvel Encyclopedia, it’s time to move on to the cartoons. A lot of people will tell you to stick with the 1990s X-Men Cartoons, but the only problem is that they are not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So while I think that the 90s X-Men is a cartoon that all kids should watch, it’s one that should stay on the shelf (just for a bit). The first cartoon I suggest starting the kids on would be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This cartoon is probably the best written comic book cartoon in the last 10 years. The show introduces the Avengers one by one and even brings in some characters that we will see in future MCU films. If your kids are still interested in the characters and story lines, it’s time to move on to the Disney line up of cartoons. Personally I would start with Ultimate Spider-Man because honestly, what kid is not going to love Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-Man is filled with humor and action that will keep your kids interested and will leave them wanting more. With the Disney line up, don’t feel like you have to binge one series before you start the next. I would suggest mixing it up with Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H (also make sure you throw the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon in there next month).

3) Start the MCU



When you feel like your kids get the idea of who the characters are, it’s time to dive into the MCU. I suggest going slow because let’s be honest some of the movies are pretty intense. Watch the movies by yourself or with your spouse a few times so you can find the parts that you don’t want your kids to see just yet. I would skip the movies that have a sense of realism to them. I suggest starting with The Avengers. Not only have your kids seen a version of how the Avengers came together, they are not really missing a lot as most of the solo films have some underlying meanings that kids won’t understand just yet.

4) Be Aware
If your kids seem a bit skittish about the aliens/villains in the films, introduce them to some behind the scenes videos via the special features or YouTube. Show your kids that the world of the MCU is movie magic and that their are no such creatures as the Chitauri nor a powerful titan named Thanos.

However you decide to introduce your kids to the MCU, make sure you do it on their terms. Watch the films with your kids and if you see them getting upset or scared, stop the movie and start a conversation. Make the MCU something that they will love and enjoy for the rest of their lives, and make it something that you can share as a family.

**Edit for new content**

The LEGO Marvel’s Avengers video game is another great way to introduce your kids to the MCU. The game follows the story lines of almost all of Marvel movies up to Ant-Man. If you are worried about the violence and language of the MCU, then LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is a game you should get for your kids. 

5 Tips for Bringing Your Kids to Salt Lake Comic Con

Bringing kids to a comic book convention can be either a big pain, or with some extra planning, it can be one of the most glorious experiences of yours and your child’s life.

1) Snacks:
Most venues do not allow outside food or drinks, but that rule usually doesn’t apply for the small snacks. Packing small packages of fruit snacks, or graham crackers in a diaper bag, purse, or cargo shorts is a great way to keep off the kids’ hunger pains while you are waiting in line for a panel/photo op/autograph. Also make sure you have a water bottle so that your kids can stay hydrated throughout the convention.

2) Entertainment:
Load up a smart device with musics, videos, books, or apps that your kids love. Especially if you are wanting to get in line to meet your favorite celebrity or to get into a popular panel. Not only will having some entertainment keep your kids happy, but it will also make you happy. Just make sure to bring a portable charger so you can charge your phone. If you are worried about screen time, bring a few picture books for the younger kids, and some comics or other reading materials for the older ones.

3) Cosplay:
One of the funnest things about going to the Con is seeing all the fun kid cosplays. Don’t worry about being 100% accurate or about store bought vs homemade. Kid cosplay is all about having fun and making the kids feel like they are amazing little super heroes. It’s also a lot of fun to try to get pictures with cosplayers wearing similar outfits.

4) Dress up the Transportation:
If you take strollers to the con, why not dress up the strollers to match the little cosplayers. Are you taking a tiny Doctor with you? Grab some cardboard, and some paint and turn that stroller into a little TARDIS!!

5) Kid Con
A family trip to Salt Lake Comic Con would not be complete without stopping at Kid Con. In the past, Kid Con has been one of our favorite stops at Salt Lake Comic Con. There have been amazing booths and activities that kids of all ages loves. This year Galaxy Training Academy, Space Crafts, Princess Tea Parties, Creature Encounters, and Youngling Saber Training are just some of the amazing things lined up for SLCC 15‘s Kid Con. Don’t forget to look for the life-size Speeder Bike at the R2 Builders’ Booth (#3479).

**Please remember that Kid Con is not a daycare center. Parents must remain with their kids while their kids are in the Kid Con area.**

*** Extra Tip*** One of the best things you can do is to locate the bathrooms on the exhibit floor, and the foyer. You can find a map of the Salt Palace by downloading the Salt Lake Comic Con app on your iOS or Android device, and scrolling to the bottom of the menu.

Have a fun and safe time at Salt Lake Comic Con, and please remember that COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT.