Comicbook Wednesday 02-25-15

All New Captain America: Fear Him #4



Everything must come to an end. The final issue of Fear Him comes out today and I am excited to see how this short series will end.

S.H.I.E.L.D #3



If you love the TV show, you will enjoy this series. Follow the Coulson’s team as they interact with characters in the Marvel comicbook universe.

Darth Vader #2



These new Marvel Star Wars comics are AMAZING!!! If you loved the franchise, you will love these comic series. See what happened to Darth Vader in between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back.

Spider-Gwen #1



In an alternate universe, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider. Follow along with this new story and see what awaits Spider-Gwen!!!


Comicbook Wednesday 02-18-15

It’s that time again! Here’s what J and I will be reading this week. Looks like it’s Marvel week for us.

All New Captain America #4



I am loving this New Cap storyline. Think of this as Marvel’s Batman Beyond. An older Steve Rodgers is helping Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America from behind the scenes. It’s a little much for J, but I could see this being a favorite of older kids I would say 10 would probably be the youngest.

All New Captain America: Fear Him #3



Cap found where Nomad was being held. With the help of some kids, Nomad escaped Scarecrow’s clutches. Now Cap and Nomad are stuck on a Subway train car with a tunnel filled with teens gassed by Scarecrow. How will Cap and Nomad escape and still save these kids?

Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #1



Want to get a sneak peek at what is coming to Disney XD later this year? Then make sure you check out this four part GotG mini-series. We are getting our copy today!

Legendary Star Lord #9



Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde are now together with plans of stealing the Black Vortex from Mr Knife aka Peter’s Father. Will they succeed even if though they were followed by one of Knife’s Slaughter Squad members?

Ms Marvel #12



Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) has taken down the Inventor and his creator is behind bars. A year’s worth of missing persons cases solved in one night. What’s next for this Ms Marvel? With some parental editing, this series is a great one for kids, especially young girls.

Rocket Raccoon #8



Groot is on the brink of death. Rocket and Jink are on their way to find an antidote to the venom that is killing Groot. To save Groot they are going to have to battle a giant monster without the aid of Rocket’s massive gun. Will they get the antidote and make it back before Groot succumbs to the venom?

Colorworld Series Book Review

If you are a fan of origin stories, you may want to look into the Colorworld series. The books follow Wendy Whitley, a young woman who has taken the mantle of caregiver to her younger brother Ezra, while also dealing with financial troubles. Wendy signs up to be a paid participant in a study claiming to study the effects that energy therapy has in healing allergies. After a session Wen comes out with an ability to extinguish the life energy of others with a touch. While trying to undo this new ability, Wendy discovers that she can visualize the life force of people around her in vivid detail.

These are books that I really enjoyed reading. I loved the writing style of Rachel E. Kelly. These books will keep you on your toes and leave you wanting more. Like my other reviews, I don’t want to spoil anything. So, if you are looking for a fresh look to the origin story, give the Colorworld series a look. The Colorworld series is compiled of Colorworld, Teleworld, and Lumaworld (with more to come). You can find these books on the Colorworld website, Amazon, or do one better and see if Rachel E Kelly will be at a convention near you.

No More Bullying

GotG Bullying

©Marvel 2015

Of all my fears as a parent, one of my biggest fears is that my son grows up to become a bully. As a parent I try to teach how not to be a bully and to stand up for those being bullied, but you never know if those teachings will hold when that time comes. All you can do is hope that your child remembers what you’ve taught them and they make the right decisions.

In my life, I have been bullied, helped someone who was being bullied, and sadly became a bully myself. I have since apologized to those that I have bullied and hope that they were able to forgive me for my past actions.

When I was bullied I remember hating myself for being different. I found myself hiding who I really was more and more each day. I wanted to be liked, so I feel like I changed my personality entirely to be the kid who was liked by everyone. I feel like that personality has followed me into adulthood and now I fear that it could be something that I could pass on to J.

Something I have learned from being a bully is that it’s not the “strong” bullying the “weak”, but the “weak” bullying someone to make themselves look “strong”. I’ve come to the realization that those who are bullied are the strong ones and the reason they are being bullied is because the bully is jealous of who the one being bullied is.

As someone who has helped other people being bullied, I’ve learned that it feels so much better standing up for your fellow human being rather than tearing them down. I learned that I felt better as a person surrounding myself with “outsiders” and being myself instead of forcing myself to fit in with the “cool kids”.

So how do we teach our kids all the aspects of bullying? Thankfully, there are tons of resources out there that parents can use to help teach their kids about the consequences of bullying. Lucky for us, I didn’t even have to step foot out of Black Cat Comics (our local comicbook store) to find a great resource that I think will really speak to J. The amazing people over at Marvel released Avengers: No More Bullying on January 7th of this year and it is a comicbook that I think everyone with kids should have.

Avengers: No More Bullying explores three different story lines where characters deal with being bullied, helping those being bullied, and how one overcomes bullying. I apologize for not being a great reviewer, but this is a comicbook that parents should read and discuss with their kids. Together we can eradicate bullying, but we need to work together.

The Tiny Titans Are Back!!!

Tiny Titans

The Tiny Titans are back in Return to the Treehouse. J loves Tiny Titans comics, and this one is no different. We have read our copy about 5 times already and we’ve only had it for a couple hours. The Tiny Titans return with the a great story and awesome artwork that all ages can enjoy. The story will have you laughing and will leave you wanting more. I promise you will enjoy this fun series. This is the first of six issues, a great start to your child’s first comic book collection. I recommend that every child and parent have this series in their comic collection.

J and his comic

J’s First Comic

Js comic

On Friday J and I went to our local comic shop (for those in the SLC area it was Black Cat Comics in the Sugarhouse neighborhood). I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what kinds of comics to get J’s collection started. We’ve read the “children’s comic books” from the library but the artwork and story lines in those books are a little too advanced for him. Don’t get me wrong, he loves seeing his favorite characters fight the villains, but like I said, it’s a little advanced for him.

While at the shop, we came across the series Superman Family Adventures by Art Baltazar and Franco. The story lines and illustrations are fun and exciting yet simple enough that J can follow and enjoy. J really enjoyed the brightness and cartoony feel that Baltazar and Franco books have. The story follows the adventures of Superman and his cousins Kon-El and Kara-El, and the super pet. There are also cameos from other DC favorites, both heroes and villains. I really enjoyed reading with J and I can’t wait until our next reading time so we can see what happens next. If you are looking for a book to start your young ones off with, I would highly recommend Superman Family Adventures, or the other Baltazar/Franco series Tiny Titans.

superman family adventurestiny titans

Batman…a Dad?

It’s not uncommon for superheroes to, at some point, have children take up the hero mantle. The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow comes to mind. Even Superman Returns gives you a glimpse of what Superman’s son can do. This Spring, DC Universe and Warner Bros. Animation will be releasing a new animated feature inspired by the 2006 Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert graphic novel Batman and Son titled Son of Batman. That’s right people, Batman is a dad. And actually since he doesn’t really have a day job, you could argue that he is actually an at-home dad.

In the graphic novel, major crime is at an all time low and Bruce Wayne decides he should take a well deserved vacation away from Gotham. While on his vacation he is greeted with a problem that only Batman can fix. Bruce suits up and battles an army of ninja man/bat hybrids. After the battle Bruce discovers that Talia al Ghul is behind the attack, but that is not all that he discovers. Talia has a surprise for Bruce. A 10 year old son named Damian. Talia tells Bruce that she has “allowed Bruce to evade his responsibilities,” so Damian could be trained by the League of Assassins. She also tells Bruce that Damian is out of control, and that he lacks the discipline that only Bruce(technically she says a good man) could teach him.

The rest of the graphic novel follows Bruce’s journey in training Damian in a way that would counteract the League of Assassins training, mainly that Batman does not kill his enemies. In my opinion the graphic novel shows the hardships in Damian’s journey, and I really hope they portray that in the upcoming animated feature.

I would recommend that people read ‘Batman and Son‘ before seeing the animated feature so you have an understanding of the Damian character. You can check your local library or comic book shop for the graphic novel and for the 4 part continuation of the Damian Wayne storyline called Damian:Son of Batman.

Here is the trailer for Son of Batman, set to release on May 6, 2014.

What are your thoughts on the Son of Batman, or any other story lines that involve the children of superheroes?