The LEGO Batman Review

If you are a fan of Batman, or The LEGO Movie then you will absolutely love The LEGO Batman Movie!! The LEGO Batman Movie is definitely a movie that entire families will enjoy together. The jokes are solid, the main storyline tugs at the heart strings, and the voice acting was on point. Be prepared to get your geek on because there are so many non-Batman LEGO cameos that you might feel like you are watching a LEGO Dimensions movie.  The one thing I will say is that I think The LEGO Batman Movie could have been a little shorter. It is 1hr 45min but they could have taken out a few jokes to get it down to the 1hr 30min mark. I am going to leave this review short and sweet so I don’t spoil anything for you readers. We give the LEGO Batman movie 4 1/2 LEGO figures and recommend that everyone with or without children go see this movie. You will not regret seeing it!!



LEGO Marvel Super Heroes now on iOS

This is an app that J has been waiting for. Every time he wants to play a game on my phone I hear, “Daddy!!! I want to play LEGO Marvel on your phone!” I have had to tell him that the app didn’t exist, until today!! This app has a $4.99 price point and has 3 in app purchases available. If you love the LEGO Marvel Superheroes game on the consoles, you will probably love the iOS version. This app (along with some great comics) are a must have for those long family summer vacation drives.

LEGO Movie Review

Today we had a family outing to the movies to see The LEGO Movie. Let’s be honest here. Not a lot of people read this blog, but I am going to give you my thoughts about The LEGO Movie anyway.

First, WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE YET!!!!! I mean unless by chance this blog post reaches the UK, then your excuse is valid because I don’t think it opens in cinemas until February 14. The LEGO Movie has a solid cast, a funny script, and amazing animation. There is really no reason not to see this movie, I mean unless you hate LEGOs.

Second LEGO DC Heroes, and other epic LEGO cameos. What’s not to love about LEGO cameos? The only thing I was disappointed with was that there were no LEGO Marvel characters, which should’ve been expected since it’s a Warner Bros. Animation movie.

Basically this is a movie that everyone should watch (more than once) and probably purchase when it comes out. I think that this clip shows how I feel about this film.